November 3, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Here's a little treat to help celebrate the 76th anniversary of Jeremy Brett's birth. It's another article from Jackie, that fab British magazine, dated September 13, 1969. It gives some more insight into his interests, and even some of his "superstitions".

Well, without further delay, here's that dishy swashbuckler: Jeremy Brett! :)

"Born under the sign of Scorpio, it's not surprising that Jeremy Brett is determined to make a success of his career--acting. And he's already well under way.

"A member of the National Theatre players, Jeremy has already delighted many an audience at the Old Vic. Then there was THAT performance of As You Like It...

"If you think Shakespeare is dull and boring, you should have seen their version of the play! It was an all-male cast, with Jeremy playing suitor to another guy playing Rosalind!

"The costumes were a bit kinky, too. Jeremy wore his old hipster jeans!

"He seems pretty hooked on Shakespeare--straight or modern, but there's a sense of humour there as well.

"He falls about when Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd or Morecambe and Wise are on the screen.

"But the serious side to his character is much more evident. He has very strong views and will enthuse for hours if the subject interests him.

"Take Che Guevara for instance, Fidel Castro's late right-hand man. Jeremy is to portray him in a stage play, and has become deeply interested in the character.

"For relaxation, Jeremy swims, horse-rides and wrestles. He also fancies himself as a Robin Hood with bow and arrow!

"'I'm not really worried about superstitions,' he insists, 'but I do have this little troll with green hands and face. Ingrid Bergman gave it to me, and I wouldn't part with it for anything!'

"He also has a lucky horse-shoe, and if that gets turned the wrong way up, Jeremy knows everything will go haywire in a few hours.

"If the face looks vaguely familiar, it's not surprising. You could have seen him in My Fair Lady, or more likely, as the dishy D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers on the telly.

"No time for a holiday, you're thinking? Well, he's just hoping to squeeze in a couple of weeks of sea, sun and sand in Greece. (Who's gone green with jealousy?)

"Bet Jeremy's glad he proved a certain gipsy fortune teller wrong. She prophesied he would become a lawyer.

"'I love acting,' he says, 'And what's more, I get paid for it!'"

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