A 77th Birthday Tribute to Jeremy Brett,

 From a Fan...and Friend

by Lisa Oldham

Hello Everyone,

I received the following heartfelt remembrance of Jeremy Brett from a TBE reader named Colin who is not only a fan of Jeremy's, but a true friend. Colin has graciously allowed me to share his memories here, and I do so as a tribute to Jeremy on what would have been his 77th birthday, November 3, 2010. 

"I just wanted to say what a sensible and factual tribute you have provided to Jeremy Brett. He was a dear friend and spent a lot of time in Barbados with my family (indeed, he started reading the Sherlock Holmes stories there – my grandfather’s copy – when he discovered that he was going to be filming them).

At my cousin’s wedding he was still in Max de Winter mode, no doubt brought out by the old sugar plantation setting. I remember him, one day, making us pull the cars to a stop, en route to a picnic, and seating us in the middle of a sugar cane field (recently reaped) and performing Noël Coward songs. He then took each of our names and created a song out of it. I was Collie Sunshine.

Above all I recall his goodness and kindness to so many people in need, to the elderly, to children and to animals. He was a thoroughly decent human being.

I frequently look through the photos I have of him with the family. I miss him very much. I shall never forget how, when my wife’s (now ex) father died and we had to fly to England for the funeral, Jeremy accompanied us and, although he had never met her family, he turned the evening after the funeral into an Irish-style celebration of a life.

Shortly before he died, he turned up at my office on the Fulham Road with two Riedel champagne glasses for me and my partner – they are always used to toast the dear man."


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