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John Langford (JB) is British, but he's spying for the French. (Got that?) Langford wants to keep young Daniel, er, Dan'l Boone from blazing a trail to the Cumberland Gap so the British can't move their troops through Kentucky (or, as Dan'l calls it, Cane-tucky). But, mainly Langford wants the 30,000 acres of land the French have promised to pay him if he stops Boone!

Naturally, Langford can't go around introducing himself as a spy. So, he poses as a portrait painter. Notice his artistic flair:

Getting back to his real job, Langford tries to shoot Dan'l by sneaking up on him in the wilderness. When sneaky Dan'l gets the drop on Langford instead, Langford claims he's looking for wildlife to paint. (Funny, he doesn't have a paint brush...)

A still-wary but hospitable Dan'l invites Langford to spend the night in his camp. 

The next day, Langford is knocked off his horse by one of Dan'l's boisterous pals:

But, all is forgiven (nice mullet, by the way):

When Dan'l's pal is wounded by a bar, er, bear, Dan'l must continue alone to the Cumberland Gap. Then, Langford gets down to business. He teams up with the wily French captain, Duval (who looks like Moe Howard and sounds like Maurice Chevalier), and together they try to stop Dan'l from blazing any more trails:

Although Langford has a deadly grimace and a big pistol, he's a terrible shot...and Dan'l gets away.

(Oh, well, can't win 'em all!)

Going against Duval's advice, Langford decides to try a different strategy against Dan'l: 

But, he comes to the end of his rope...literally:

And all ends well--for young Dan'l Boone, anyway!


LLO Notes:

Young Dan'l Boone
was dismissed by critics as "diversionary" and "uneventful," but it's really not all that bad. However, it made the mistake of featuring villains who were far more interesting than the hero. Rick Moses' Boone looks (and acts) like a bored surfer dude who'd be more at home in California than in Kentucky. On the other hand, Jeremy Brett is very boyish and energetic as the foppish Langford, and although he's a bit over the top at times, he always holds your attention. 

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Originally published on 11/02/08 

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